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"Still works after all these years"

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Like most of us, I have a fair number of used and discarded programs-Microsoft Money for one. This one dates from 2000. I found it quite by accident in a box of books and CDs. On a lark I put it in the disc drive and son of a gun it loaded and installed itself. I always did like Money and preferred it to Quicken back in the day. I have the current version of Quicken but this 12 year old version is far superior both in information gathering and input. I note that the 2008 version is still available and I might download it just to see what the differences are. Quicken is acceptable if there is nothing else but Money, even a 12 year old version, is far superior in my opinion. I doubt I will give up Quicken anytime soon just because of the age of the Money program and the possibility that Microsoft might come out with an operating system that renders Money unworkable. Since I have a few Windows machines, I might not update one of them until I know Money will work on it.

  • Very good budget interface
  • Very good recurring transaction interface
  • Easy to input transactions
  • 12 year old program
  • Report interface needs an overhaul
  • Obviously online banking needs to be updated, e.g. Chase Bank does not exist.

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04 Sep 2012

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